Bulawayo North Provincial Conference Starts

Conference Theme: Hope Against Hope (Rom 4:18)

The AFM BULAWAYO North Provincial Conference started on a very high note last night. Attendance was good. Praise & Worship was electric from beginning to end thanks to the well oiled Provincial Praise & Worship Team. In attendance was provincial father Dr Nhira, his wife, the Prov. Deputy, Secretary, Youth Leader, Pastors and constituent assembly leadership among many.

The Word was delivered by none other than Rev Matonga of Mahatshula Living Waters Assembly. Rev Matonga is also a lecturer at Azusa Campus which is a branch of Living Waters Theological Seminary.

Running with the Conference Theme, Hope Against Hope, Rev Matonga skilfully shed light on the background of the Book of Romans from which the theme is drawn. He went on to give clarity on why the church today needs such a theme.

He said the wording of the theme seem to contradict. Hope Against Hope. But more clarity comes as you look closely at the analogy of Abraham and Sarah that Paul used. This hope thrives more in adversity. Those that partake in this Hope behave like the catfish or the eagle that find strength against the prevailing current.

Our father Abraham looked around himself. He was not fit anymore…his body was dead in as far as bearing children was concerned. He looked at Sarah his wife and hey it was not possible. But he, through his covenant and trust in God, had Hope even against the forensic evidence around him. God’s promises are all ‘yes’ and ‘amen.’

When you take a look at the situation surrounding you….there is no hope. What’s left might be for you just to drop dead but Hey! we are covenant people. Against all, we gather Hope. Do not give up Hope. Do not surrender. Abraham had no Bible but today we have a full canon.
We are in a better place because we can boldly talk of Christ in us the hope of Glory.

That was our service like last night.
To God be the Glory.

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