July; The Month of Favour

I am excited to announce our monthly Theme for July. Monthly themes are integral parts of the major Theme of the Year which is “The Year of Total Establishment“. God helping us, by the end of 2017, we will be totally established in all areas both for our newly born Assembly and as individuals.

July is the month of Favour. The Theme is taken fro Psalms 102:13 which declares:

You will arise and have mercy on Zion;
For the time to favor her,
Yes, the set time, has come.”

Indeed Jehovah in His Mighty is going to arise and Favour us in this season. From January, the Assembly membership, cell groups, committees and Boards have worked tirelessly to establish Airport Assembly from zero. We have joined our hands in prayer and toiled in putting together resources for the work of the Lord. As the local shepherd, I feel in my Spirit that this is the time for God to Favour us as a family.

On Sunday the 9th of July (see attached poster) we are going to have a special guest preaching to us along the Theme. She is non other than Pastor Marian Manyika from within our Province.

Why don’t you join us for the Special Service if you are anywhere near us. May the Lord bless you.

Pastor J. Danda.

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