As usual, we profile the lives of the living and departed Matriarchs and Patriarchs of Faith in the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe and the Christian World at large. There is always some priceless life transforming lessons to learn as we go through their lives and interactions with God, the church as well as their communities.
This article celebrates the life of Mbuya Mashavave who went to be with the Lord on Sunday the 18th of June 2017.  She was buried in Gutu two days later on Tuesday the 20th.
The late Mrs Mashavave was born around 1904 in Buhera area of Muvhunzi.  She got married to the late Rev Jeremiah Mashavave in 1923 then residing in Chitsa area of Gutu. They were already members of the Apostolic Faith Mission working with a formidable team of Generals that included Johane Gwanzura Chihari, Rev Peter Kupara Mutemererwa, Rev Chimhau & Rev Z Bhema.
The couple was blessed with 9 sons & 3 daughters. One of the sons is now an elder in AFM under Overseer Mapuranga of Midlands South Province. The family settled at Chiguhune, Gutu in 1971.
Christian Walk.
Having satisfied the then AFM leadership of the time, the late Rev Mashavave was sent for pastoral training in Zambia. He was ordained together with his 3 colleagues mentioned above and was assigned to work in Gutu, his home area. Mbuya Mashavave worked hard side by side with such a man of great wisdom who could balance both chieftainship and pastoral duties. Mbuya Mashavave was gifted with the gift of Faith and Faith Healing. The sick from near and far would come and camp at their homestead to be prayed for. It was also her duty to take care and feed each one of them till they got healed.
The late Mrs Mashavave was also involved in accompanying the late Rev on missionary work to Zambia during the Federation era. On one such mission in Zambia, they were told to have malaria prevention treatment. The couple chose not to take the tablets believing that God would protect them. Rather, they threw the tablets into the Zambezi river. For weeks and months, they ministered in the mosquito infested regions of Zambia along the Zambezi but never got sick of malaria.
AFM in Zimbabwe is what it is today because of some of the contributions and prayers made by these servants of the Lord.
Farewell Mbuya Mashavave.

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