Rufaro Received At Rufaro

Rufaro, The Place Of Miracles

It is said church fathers sat down to name the newly acquired farm. The first name that prophetically came out became the name the farm was given. ‘Rufaro’ has had reflections of ‘joy and peace’ since then. Whenever one would come to Rufaro sad, with heaviness of this world, they would leave with supernatural happiness and joy.
This came out true when Mrs Juliet Chimera Chikuhuhu from AFM Chitungwiza West Province set her foot on Rufaro. She married her husband Pedzisai in August 2010. They had no child for 5 years. In 2015, April National Ladies’ Conference, she attended.

Rufaro is the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe National Conference Centre. It is in Masvingo Province and specifically located at Chatsworth, Gutu. Yearly, AFM holds its national gatherings at this ground. Many have testified to have received their miracles at Rufaro.

Like the Biblical Hannah, Mrs Chikuhuhu sought God while at the conference. She felt it was time to receive her own ‘Samuel’. “Enough is enough, I said” she exclaimed as she testified. “I had fasted and prayed, I had climbed prayer mountains, I had been prayed for but I said God; while here at Rufaro….give me my joy. I will call the child Rufaro and I will testify this here at Rufaro”

The guest preacher at this particular conference, she recalls, laid out her own similar testimony. The preacher challenged all women who wanted the fruit of the womb by faith to go back home and buy “preparations”. Mrs Madzivire, the hosting Chairlady prayed and said, “I can’t lay hands on all of you because you are many but wherever you are standing, receive your child”
When she got home, she told her husband with joy. She began to call him by Rufaro’s name. At work, she told her friends and they began to address her by her new name ‘Mai Rufaro’. She got herself a maternity dress and a few preparatory clothes.

Come May, soon after the conference she conceived to give birth on the 20th of February 2016. The beautiful girl was named Rufaro Nyasha Chikuhuhu. As promised, she asked to give her testimony at Rufaro during the Ladies’ Conference 2017 in April. People rejoiced to hear such a live and touching story.
Indeed, Rufaro Conference Centre remains a place of miracles. Many lives have been and are still getting transformed. It has been called by others as the Shiloh of AFM.

(insert: Mrs Chikuhuhu shares her testimony to AFM President Dr A Madziyire as he holds Rufaro)

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